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<span id="topic-1" style="padding-top:40px;">Meeting Types</span>

Webex offers a variety of collaboration options to personalize your experience.

Personal Room Meeting

A Personal Room Meeting uses the traditional dial-in bridge conference that you can schedule and invite via Outlook. Personal Room Meetings are ideal for back-to-back meetings. With Personal Room Meetings, the meeting host can remain in one meeting room for several meetings and have attendees join at different times.

  • ○ Hosting: Anyone in the space can start the meeting by clicking the Meet button.
  • ○ Scheduling: Click the Meetings tab to create a calendar invite and have the email addresses of everyone in the space added automatically.
  • ○ Joining: Anyone invited to a space meeting may immediately join the meeting.

Space Meeting

You can schedule a meeting with everyone in your space directly from the space. A space meeting is an easy way to meet either when you decide to have an ad-hoc meeting or regular team meetings.  Only other Webex space users can join a space meeting.

  • ○ Hosting: Anyone in the space can start the meeting by clicking the Meet button.
  • ○ Scheduling: Click the Meetings tab to create a calendar invite and have the email addresses of everyone in the space added automatically.
  • ○ Joining: Anyone invited to a space meeting may immediately join the meeting.

Scheduled Meeting

A standard scheduled meeting is a traditional Webex meeting that has a unique URL issued for each new meeting. 

  • ○ Hosting: Host or alternate host(s) can start the meeting.
  • ○ Scheduling: Unique URLs are issued for each new meeting to share in meeting invites.
  • ○ Joining: Attendees can join up to 15 minutes before the meeting starts via your dedicated meeting link.

<span id="topic-2" style="padding-top:40px;">Start a Personal Room Meeting</span>

If you have a Standard or Premium Webex Package (Executive or Meetings Plus ProConnect seat), you can meet in your Cisco Webex Personal Meeting Room.

  1. 1. Go to Meetings, by selecting the meeting icon.
  2. 2. Choose Start a meeting.
Note: If you don't see Start a meeting, it could be because:

               a. You don't have a Standard or Premium Webex account.
               b. You only have a Basic account (Primary ProConnect seat) which does not include the Personal Meeting Room.

Webex app meetings tab.

<span id="topic-3" style="padding-top:40px;">Start a Meeting from a Space</span>

If a space has more than 3 people but less than 100, you can start an instant meeting directly from that space. The number of people who can join the meeting varies for each space, depending on the Webex licenses of people in that space.

  • • From the space where you would like to initiate a meeting, select Meet.
  • • The meeting starts instantly, and everyone in the space sees a Join button in their meeting list and in their spaces list in the Webex app.

<span id="topic-4" style="padding-top:40px;">Schedule a Standard Scheduled Meeting</span>

A standard scheduled meeting is one that is scheduled either from Microsoft Outlook, Webex desktop app, or your Webex mobile app. This type of meeting is ideal for meetings that need to be scheduled in advance or are recurring. To schedule a meeting from your Webex desktop app, follow these steps:

  1. 1. Go to the Meetings tab.
  2. 2. Choose Schedule a meeting.
  3. 3. Enter the necessary information.
  4. 4. Under Meeting link, choose Generate a one-time meeting link.
  5. 5. Click Schedule.

<span id="topic-5" style="padding-top:40px;">Join a Meeting from a Calendar Invite</span>

You can join a meeting from your computer, mobile device, phone, or video system. To join a meeting:

  1. 1. Open your email invite.
  2. 2. Click Join.
Note: If you don't want to install anything on the device you’re using, click Join from your browser.
  1. 3. Enter your name and email address. Click Next.
  2. 4. If you're asked for a meeting password, enter the meeting password that was a part of the initial email. Then, click Next.
  3. 5. In the preview window, you can make sure your audio and video sound and look good before you join the meeting. 
  4. 6. Choose whether or not you want to have your video and microphone turned on before you join.
  5. 7. When ready, click Join Meeting.

<span id="topic-6" style="padding-top:40px;">Join a Meeting from Your Spaces List</span>

  1. 1. Go to Messaging.
  2. 2. Click the green button beside the space or meeting name.
  3. 3. Choose your audio and video settings before you join your meeting.
  4. 4. When ready, click Join Meeting.
Note: Webex feature availability varies by ProConnect seat type. 

<span id="topic-7" style="padding-top:40px;">Record Meetings</span>

If you have the Premium Webex meeting package, you can record meetings in Webex and send them to those who could not attend, or use them for training purposes. Your recordings can either be saved to the cloud or your computer as a local recording.

To record a meeting:

  1. 1. While in a meeting, select the More options icon.
  2. 2. Select Select Record on my computer or Record in cloud. If you choose to record on your computer, you are prompted to choose where to save the recording. If you choose to record in the cloud, you will receive a link to the recording shortly after your meeting ends.
  3. 3. To stop recording, select Stop.
Webex app motion graphic showing how to record a meeting.

<span id="topic-8" style="padding-top:40px;">Share Content in a Meeting</span>

You can share your screen in Webex so that everyone in the meeting can get a visual of what you’re discussing. Anyone can share, but only one at a time.

To share content: 

  1. 1. Click the Share button.
  2. 2. When sharing with video or audio, check these options - Share your computer audio.
  3. 3. Choose from the drop-down menu to Automatically Optimize, Optimize for text and images, or Optimize for motion and video.
  4. 4. Choose the screen or application you want to share. When you hover over the options, a Share button appears. Click Share to begin sharing.
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