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Set Up Your Call Settings

Set basic and advanced settings for incoming and outgoing calls.
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Webex for desktop - windows

<span id="topic-1" style="padding-top:40px;">Access Call Settings</span>

You can access and modify some of the basic call settings within the app.
To access Call Settings:

  1. 1. Select Call Settings in the lower-left corner.
  2. 2. Select Open Call Preferences.
  3. 3. Under Incoming Calls, check the box next to Answer calls with my video on to enable or disable this setting.
  4. 4. Under Call Forward, you can quickly set up your call forwarding. You can choose one of the following from the drop-down menu:
  •       ○ Do Not Forward Calls – This is the default. When this is selected, none of your calls are forwarded.
  •       ○ Voicemail – Choose this option to forward all incoming calls to voicemail.
  1. 5. Click the Plus icon to add a phone number to forward calls to. Once added, you can then choose to forward calls to that number from the drop-down menu. To remove a phone number from your call forward list, click the Minus icon.
  2. 6. Under Manage My Numbers, you can configure your Single Number Reach settings.
  3. 7. When you have finished making any calling setting changes, click Save to save your changes.

<span id="topic-2" style="padding-top:40px;">Access Advanced Call Settings</span>

Advanced Call Settings allows you to set additional preferences for your phone system.
To access and configure advanced call settings:

  1. 1. Click on Call Settings from the footer.
  2. 2. Select Open Call Preferences.
Webex app window showing open call preferences and additional call settings in the Webex Options menu.
  1. 3. Under Additional Call Settings, click Advanced Call Settings. 
  2. 4. A window opens where you can modify your incoming and outgoing call settings.

Call settings window with Incoming Calls expanded and Call Waiting enabled.

<span id="topic-3" style="padding-top:40px;">Incoming Calls</span>

Incoming call options provide a quick way to set your incoming call preferences, normally configured via the portal, directly from the desktop client. If you are running the softphone app on multiple devices, the settings you manage here will be applied to all of them. 

Do Not Disturb 

The Do Not Disturb setting will send all incoming calls to voicemail and not ring on your devices. To enable, expand this area by clicking the chevron button. Activate the Do Not Disturb toggle. 

Note: Enabling this feature can affect other group call routing features that you may be a part of like a call center or call queue; however, it is recommended that if you are a part of these, that you manage your Do Not Disturb and available status within those environments.

Anonymous Call Rejection
The Anonymous Call Rejection setting provides you with the option to reject calls with a missing caller ID.
Click the toggle to activate this feature. 

Call Forwarding 

The Call Forwarding feature allows you to forward calls to the desired number instead of your voicemail. Call forwarding options include: always, when busy, when no answer, and when not reachable. If you have not enabled a call forward service here, then calls will automatically forward to voicemail. To start, expand this area by clicking the chevron button

The Always option forwards all incoming calls to the specified destination and has the highest service precedence. It will override all other forwarding and mobility settings. Check this box to enable and enter the number to forward calls to.

The When Busy option forwards incoming calls only when you have call waiting disabled and are currently on another call or have Do Not Disturb on.

The When No Answer option forwards incoming calls only when you are away or not answering calls.  Check this box to enable and enter the number to forward calls. You may also designate the number of rings before being forwarded. Click the drop-down menu to designate the number of rings.

The When Not Reachable option automatically forwards all incoming calls to a different phone number, but only when all of your devices are offline and not connected to the network. To enable, check this box and enter the number to forward calls to.

Sequential Ring

The Sequential Ring option allows you to add phone numbers of other devices that you would like to ring at the same time as your primary phone when you receive a call. You can have up to 10 simultaneous ring numbers at one time. To enable, expand this area by clicking the chevron button. Enter a number in the Set number field and hit Enter. Then, select the slider.

Note: Sequential Ring is a service that is not available to all users

Call Waiting 

The Call waiting feature gives you the ability to handle multiple calls at the same time to make sure no important calls are missed. When the feature toggle is active, you can choose to either accept the incoming call or decline it.

<span id="topic-4" style="padding-top:40px;">Outgoing Calls</span>

In the Outgoing Calls options, you can block your phone number when calling other parties or contacts by enabling the Block My Caller ID option here. The Block My Caller ID feature will only block the Caller ID to external parties. Other people in your company directory will still be able to see the Caller ID.  

<span id="topic-5" style="padding-top:40px;">Voicemail Settings</span>

Under Voicemail Settings, you can enable and disable voicemail service by selecting the toggle. Once voicemail service is enabled, you can configure the settings for Sending Calls to Voicemail, choose how to be notified when a message arrives, and manage Press “0” to Transfer options.

<span id="topic-6" style="padding-top:40px;">Call Control</span>

Under Call Control, you can view Call Center Queues statuses and configure Call Center IDs. Additionally, you can set your BroadWorks Anywhere settings to alert all locations or ring numbers. f

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